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Race the greatest cars ever made, and restore them to their former glory!


Take your pick from the finest automobiles ever produced, including classic models from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Lancia, Mercedes, MINI, Nissan, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Shelby.


Upgrade your ride to win intense drag races, and restore your cars from rusty unloved shells into gorgeous icons of driving!


Powered by a breathtaking, all-new graphics engine, CSR Classics features cutting-edge particle effects, real-time reflections, volumetric lighting, and uncompromising attention to detail.

Monkey around in this new take on brick-breaking! Monkey and Ape make a great team; monkey bounces around smashing the blocks and ape gets to chomp on all the juicy fruit that falls down! Take control of the comic duo in this brick-breaking game that's unlike any other.

Universal: Works for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. (Full Retina Support)

GORGEOUS: Monkey Slam really comes to life on screen with its colorful 3D levels and characters, and stylish special effects.

PLAY FOR HOURS: Features 4 Worlds; Monkey Reef, Far East, Jungle Island and Space World each with 16 challenging levels to play through. Can you get 3 stars on each?

YOU GOT THE POWER: Collect a variety of power-ups (and watch out for power-downs!) as you play. Use bananas to blast the bricks and help monkey out of a tight spot!.

"To the creators of this game, I give you a standing ovation" - Applatter

"Monkey Slam is the most unique brick-breaking game out" - Capsulecomputers

"Throwing bananas, seeing a huge Ape bounce Monkey around … it’s all just a blast to play" - Unscripted 360

"Monkey Slam is truly something different, and more importantly it’s really, really fun to play" - Godisageek

"Chillingo is at it again with another winning title" - addadvice

CSR Classics

Monkey Slam


About Atom

Mad Atom is a small talented team of people based in Brighton. Founded in 2011 by key members of Black Rock Studio/Disney we have worked on award winning games such as Split/Second, Pure & Moto GP for XBox 360, PS3, PC.

Our debut title was Monkey Slam on iOS published by Chillingo followed by converting CSR Racing to the Mac. Our latest project is a collaboration with Boss Alien called CSR Classics for iOS which won Editors Choice in many countries.

We use Unity for all our games

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We are always on the look out for talented folks to work with us here at Mad Atom so please get in touch!


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